Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can this be?

Can this be?  Am I starting to feel a little better?  I can hardly believe it, and wonder if it is my involvement in more activities, or the combination of meds that is finally starting to do the trick.  I am now volunteering at the hospital, writing stories about new mothers and their babies-a happy process, but so nerve-wracking.  Yesterday was my first day, and as I was taking notes, the paper was dripping wet from my sweaty palms (disgusting, I know).  But, I made it through, and even had a good feeling in my heart once I was finished. 

Today I went to yoga in an attempt to use my un-used gym membership and try and get in some relaxing, meditation excercise.  It worked too!  My shoulders felt less tense, and although I felt a pounding in my head at the time of the workout, once we were finished, I felt good.  My brother would even be happy-at the end, we bowed and said "namaste".

More good things are happening too!  Yesterday I sold my ex's bike.  The one he saddled me with in "le divorce".  I am going to put the money in a fund labled "30th bday fund".  I hope to take a trip with that money.  Maybe back to MI, or to CA to see one of my good friends.  I haven't been out to see her in a while.  And this week I continued to feed my addiction-I got two new (actually used) cd's.  The "Fantasticks" soundtrack which reminds me of my favorite musical/play and a simpler time, and another Franz Ferdinand cd.  Plus, tonight we have company over and I've had to sit still for a really long time listening to stories about people I don't know, so I rushed into the den and ordered another soundtrack from my 2nd favorite musical-"Cabaret"-the one with Alan Cummings, because you just know that every other version doesn't compare!  Now, I secretly vow to myself to buy NO MORE things on Amazon and NO MORE lipgloss.  I bought another tube yesterday and today-both of which I hate.  I have become a gloss snob.  Unless I can try on a million tubes in the department store and find the perfect color, it just doesn't work for me.

So, that's all for now.  I am so happy that life is going better and pray that nothing breaks this spell.

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  1. Alan Cumming is fab - I would love to have seen his Emcee. We are getting The Fantasticks in London in May - I am really looking forward to it. Have I found a fellow musical theatre geek?!