Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My problems seem silly

My best friend and her husband lost their first baby almost two years ago this week.  Compared to that, my problems seem ridiculous.  I know health is important, but it's variable-it's always changing, especially for someone with biploar disorder and borderline personality disorder, so I should just put up and shut up, right?  My two sisters NEVER call me back when I call them-mostly because they think I am crazy and have little patience for me (they have actually said this), so I try super hard not to talk about how I feel with anyone, unless it's just burning a whole in me.  I already have few friends, my sisters don't want to talk to me, and I live with my parents.  Could I be any more of a loser?  I don't want this to sound "woe is me", but my point is that I should realize that others have bigger problems, and don't want to hear about mine. I should definitely take care in telling people how I feel, because I don't want to lose the few people in my life that I still have left.

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  1. This all sounds terrible. :( Maybe they will realize that you are a person first and your illness does not define you.